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NewAE  Technology Inc

Welcome to NewAE Technology's Virtual Booth.
NewAE Technology Inc. is a self-funded Canadian company that is revolutionizing the hardware security market by making every engineer and designer aware of side-channel power analysis and clock glitching as important attack vectors.
We develop open-source hardware and software solutions for performing security analysis of embedded computer systems. You can see our open-source project at (including a link to the repository), and some of our current hardware products at
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Online Training


Due to COVID-19, we are only offering training online for the time being.

ChipWhisperer was started by Colin O'Flynn to bring side-channel power analysis and fault injection knowledge to everyone. This was the first open-source platform including hardware and software that you could widely purchase (or even build yourself).

Learn from the ultimate combination of theory, hands-on labs, and application-specific examples to give you an invigorating embedded security training.


This training uses ChipWhisperer to teach you both theory and application, and supporting it helps fund open-source resources that benefit the wider community.

Live HandsOn Training

HandsOn Training provides officially licensed versions of ChipWhisperer training and adds custom material on top of our existing training course.


Advanced Hardware Hacking with the ChipWhisperer: Hands-On Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection and Their Countermeasures

(2, 3 and 4 day courses)


New Products

Our ChipWhisperer tools include hardware for side-channel power analysis and fault injection. These tools let you train yourself and your team, along with using the tools in evaluation of embedded security for your own or your vendors' products.

ChipSHOUTER is our first electromagnetic fault injection (EMFI) tool, which allows precise injection of faults at specific locations on the IC surface.

You can find all of our products on our webstore and through our preferred distributor here.

We are offering all conference participants a limited time 15% discount on webstore purchases!

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