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The ChipWhisperer-Nano is a low-cost tool for side-channel power analysis training. It allows performing attacks against algorithms such as AES using side-channel power analysis. It includes a Cortex-M0 based target device which can be programmed with various algorithms. Many of the educational examples from the ChipWhisperer-Lite will also work on the ChipWhisperer-Nano.

The ChipWhisperer-Nano has more limited triggering capability compared to the ChipWhisperer-Lite or ChipWhisperer-Pro, and as such is limited primarily to training environments. It includes basic voltage fault-injection capability (but cannot perform clock fault injection).


  • Integrated STM32F0 target for running cryptographic and security algorithms.

  • Fixed gain front-end designed for working with integrated target.

  • 8-bit ADC up to 20 MS/s, which can be driven from internal or external clock sources.

  • Low-cost design suitable for use in large class-room environments.

  • Programmer for STM32F0 integrated onto board.

  • Uses same Jupyter-based environment as ChipWhisperer-Lite and ChipWhisperer-Pro.

Educational Material

Using our Jupyter notebooks, you can learn how DPA works, how to break password checks, how fault injection works, and even more. Or use ChipWhisperer-Lite with our online training offerings.

Low-Cost, Still DPA

The ChipWhisperer-Nano allows cycle-accurate DPA capture using a basic for of the Synchronous Capture technology that differentiates the ChipWhisperer product line from oscilloscopes.

OEM Versions Available

Want to show off your DPA resistance? OEM versions available for development board integration.



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