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Embedded Security Tools

side-channel power analysis

We are continuously researching, developing, and updating new embedded security tools and our open-source ChipWhisperer software. This is a limited list of additional NewAE Technology Inc. embedded security tools. Several of our small tools and accessories, including the PhyWhisperer (USB trigger tool), are not featured here.


Find the most up-to-date product information and a complete list of our current offerings on the NewAE Technology Inc. Webstore or Mouser


H-Field Probe


$42 USD

A low-cost Magnetic Field (H-Field) probe with SMA connector, mates onto our Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for a complete probe. A basic probe made using planar construction and includes mounting holes.


CW506 Advanced Breakout Board


$120 USD

Advanced breakout board with voltage translators and a 20-pin header to interface with targets, capture hardware, and external lab equipment. Multiple test points, SMA connectors for high-speed signals, DIP switches to enable/disable some of the IO, and connections for use with a standard bench PSU.

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