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Electromagnetic fault injection allows attacks and testing done in-situ, without the need to use special development boards or to modify the target board. It is a powerful attack method that requires careful consideration of how it might apply to your products.

Our first electromagnetic fault injection tool uses low-ESR capacitors to dump up to 500V through various E.M. probes. Digital control of charge voltage and fast response times provide you with the E.M. fault injection tool to simplify your fault investigations. Multiple calibration targets and the upcoming XY table provide a complete solution for your needs.

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EMFI for Automotive Safety & Security Testing with ChipSHOUTER®


  • 150 to 500 V Charge Voltage.

  • Hardware input with sub-nS jitter, allowing highly accurate injection timings.

  • Python API for easy control and scripting.

  • Oscilloscope output monitors to see actual glitch inserted into probe tip.

  • Comes with 4 probe tips of varying size and polarities.

  • Included Ballistic Gel & Simple EMFI Target for validating EMFI settings.

  • Optional cooling air input for near-continuous use.


Ballistic Gel EMFI Target

A unique SRAM-based EMFI target includes a large SRAM array. By injecting faults into the array, you can count individual bit flips occurring with different pulse parameters.


You can even see some physical location effects by mapping the SRAM location to address location.

Built for Scripting

The Python 3 API easily allows usage with existing systems, such as connecting an XY table to the ChipSHOUTER setup to scan a device surface.


The ChipSHOUTER also features a simple serial terminal to allow you to use the unit interactively.

Hardware Trigger Input

A built-in pulse generator allows generating pulses on computer command. For a high-resolution temporal location, a hardware trigger input directly drives the pulse output. This can be controlled by a ChipWhisperer, pulse generator, or custom FPGA board.



See user manual for more specifications and details.

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