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Education & Training
LIVE Training: BlackHat USA 2024

Advanced Hardware Hacking: Power Analysis & Fault Injection with the ChipWhisperer. Live in-person training in Las Vegas, NV, USA, led by Alex Dewar of NewAE Technology. 

August 3-4, 2024: Enroll here

August 5-6, 2024: Enroll here

Early bird pricing (ends May 24, 2024): $3900

Regular pricing (ends July 19, 2024): $4200

Online Courses

Training from the founder, Colin O’Flynn, and the people behind the ChipWhisperer, the first complete open-source toolchain for side-channel power analysis.

These self-paced online courses combine theory, hands-on labs and application-specific examples to provide you with invigorating embedded security training using ChipWhisperer.

Your support helps to fund open-source resources that benefit the wider community. ​

Free course previews and lifetime access to course updates. 

Getting Started

Let us help you understand these attacks. We offer a range of educational material for various uses.

Start here to learn the fundamentals of embedded security by reading our "Embedded Security 101" guide. More information about how glitching and power analysis work can also be found here.

Jupyter Tutorials

Jupyter Notebooks are an interactive Python environment. They allow you to connect to hardware, perform power captures, plot data, and more.

Our tutorials use the Jupyter platform to teach you about power analysis attacks like DPA and CPA,  and fault injection attacks with clock and voltage glitching.

Check out the full list of tutorials from the open-source Github page:

Academic Usage

The open-source nature of ChipWhisperer and the wide availability of hardware make it perfect for educational use and academic research. You can use ChipWhisperer as part of an undergraduate or graduate course, or use ChipWhisperer in your research papers.

We sell a ChipWhisperer-Nano Learning Package (20 devices) for classroom and training purposes. 

ChipWhisperer is currently used or referenced in over 200 academic publications. See Google Scholar for the latest list. 

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