ChipWhisperer-Lite 32-Bit


$250 US

The ChipWhisperer-Lite is part of NewAE Technology Inc.’s aggressive pursuit of it’s mission to bring side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks to every engineer and student. The FULLY open-source (hardware, software, firmware, FPGA code) is launching a revolution in hardware security.

The ChipWhisperer-Lite integrates hardware for performing power analysis measurement, device programming, glitching, serial communications, and an example target that can be loaded with cryptographic algorithms all into a single board. The single-board version show here comes with an 32-bit STM32F303 Arm Cortex-M4 processor as a target (other versions are available).


  • Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) with adjustable gain of up to +60 dB for analog power measurements.

  • 10-bit ADC up to 105 MS/s, with ultra flexible clocking mechanism allow synchronous power capture.

  • Generate clock glitches with sub-nS resolution on timing.

  • Crowbar-based voltage glitch generator.

  • Built-in serial port for communications and programming STM32Fx targets.

  • Built in XMEGA and AVR programmers.

  • Open-source design allowing you to modify microcontroller & FPGA firmware.

  • Integrated STM32F303 32-bit Arm target for power analysis & fault injection integrated onto board.

  • Can separate target off board to use tool on additional targets.

Educational Material

Using our Jupyter notebooks, you can learn how DPA works, how to break password checks, how fault injection works, and even more. Or use ChipWhisperer-Lite with our online training offerings.

Designed for DPA

ChipWhisperer-Lite is designed for power measurements. It integrates a high-gain LNA with a 10-bit ADC, and a flexible synchronous sampling mechanism unique to ChipWhisperer capture hardware.

Multiple Options

The ChipWhisperer-Lite comes in options with XMEGA or ARM integrated targets, or with a stand-alone target for more flexibility.



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