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New UFO Targets: Discount STM32F Socket & Updated HALs

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

You asked, we delivered (sort of)

A long-standing request has been to make a socketed version of our targets. This is tricky because sockets are normally quite expensive, so socketed targets make the most sense for very generic devices.

With the popularity of the STM32F series, we decided to start here. We have released a socketed version of the STM32F series - this one board supports most TQFP64 devices:

The STM32F-SOCKET64 board features a TQFP-64 socket.
STM32F-TQFP64 Socket Target for CW308
Flip the switch to toggle between devices with 3.3V core (STM32F3) & 1.2V core (STM32F4)

You can swap between devices with a 3.3V core (such as STM32F3) and with a 1.2V core (such as STM32F4) thanks to a simple switch, which means you can support most of the devices in a TQFP64 package with this one socket board.

Scratch & Dent Sale - STM32F Socket Boards

BUT... we messed up on our first run - there was a mistake on the PCB footprint for the switch, requiring some fly wires on the front and back (oops!). These boards are functionally perfect but have some "oopsie" fly wires on them. We are selling our current "Scratch and Dent" run (qty: 20) at a steep discount of $50 instead of the regular price of $140. If you'd rather wait for the "regular" boards, we hope to have them in stock by July/August 2021.

Discounted STM32F Socket Board - Limited Run
Get a $90 discount due to "oopsie!" fly wires!

Check out the Scratch and Dent Sale - STM32F Socket Board on our webstore to order your discounted board!

Buy a limited run (qty: 20) "Scratch and Dent" socket board at a discount of $50 (vs. $140):

MPC5676R Gets Better Integration

In other UFO target news, we fixed the HAL for the MPC5676R target, meaning it is more integrated into the full build system. See documentation here.

Catch Colin's talk featuring the MPC5676R at Black Hat USA 2021 (July 31 - August 5).
The MPC5676R is a great target for experimenting with Automotive Targets. You can find more information about automotive cybersecurity, targets and whitepapers here.

The MPC5676R is the same device that Colin will be talking about at Black Hat USA 2021 (July 31 - August 5) in his upcoming talk, which was also covered in his ESCAR 2020 paper "BAM BAM!! On reliability of EMFI for in-situ automotive ECU attacks".

Black Hat USA 2021 - Live Training

Speaking of Black Hat USA 2021, Colin will be running two live online BlackHat training sessions this summer on Jul 31-Aug 1, 2021 and Aug 2-3, 2021(training includes a ChipWhisperer-Lite).

Early bird pricing ends on July 16, 2021. Space is limited!
Black Hat 2021
Sign up for live online training July 31 - Aug 1 and Aug 2 - 3, 2021.

You may have noticed recent updates with the ChipWhisperer firmware. Check out our latest blog posts for a breakdown of upcoming changes with the USB interface.

Our newsletter is where we are consolidating information about these hardware releases, software developments, upcoming training opportunities, and general updates, so if you want to stay in the loop, this is the best place to start! We can hardly stay on top of a quarterly publish date so you don't have to worry about getting spammed with emails.

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