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ChipWhisperer-Husky is now available for pre-order through Crowd Supply with orders shipping in 2023!

ChipWhisperer-Husky is a powerful, compact tool for working with side-channel power analysis and fault injection. Drawing on years of experience developing the ChipWhisperer-Lite and lab-grade ChipWhisperer-Pro, the ChipWhisperer-Husky adds new features like high-speed logic analyzers (to visualize glitches), real-time data streaming for attacking asymmetric algorithms, support for JTAG/SWD programming with an FTDI-compatible mode, and additional I/O expansion pins.

While the entire product is not OSHW-certified, the core—including the FPGA logic, microcontroller firmware, and computer code—is open-source, so you can make modifications and add features.  ChipWhisperer-Husky is designed to be highly accessible to researchers and is backed by our commitment to provide long-term support for all users.

This comparison can help you determine which of the four ChipWhisperer capture hardware (ChipWhisperer-Nano, Lite, Husky, or Pro) is the most suitable for your needs and budget.


  • Sample Rate & ADC: 200 MS/s, 12-bit

  • Sample Buffer Size: > 80 KSample

  • Streaming Support (limited by computer buffer): >20 MS/s, 8-bit data can stream back for unlimited capture sizes.

  • Voltage Glitching: 2-size Crowbar glitch

  • Clock Glitching: High-resolution glitch generation based on phase-shift architecture (sub nS resolution)

  • I/O Pins: ChipWhisperer 20-pin header, additional 8 data + 1 clock line. All I/O pins 3.3 V.

  • FPGA: Artix A35


Educational Material

Whether you’re new to hardware hacking or have years of experience, learn to use the ChipWhisperer-Husky by following the ChipWhisperer Project free interactive tutorials. The video courses and The Hardware Hacking Handbook have numerous examples compatible with the ChipWhisperer-Husky.

Power-Analysis & Fault-Injection Research

ChipWhisperer-Husky benefits from architecture-level decisions that give you a more stable and reliable experience compared to other off-the-shelf test gear (such as oscilloscopes and function generators). Capabilities include synchronous sampling, generating clock glitches less than a nanosecond wide, and using a built-in logic analyzer to visualize glitches and other digital signals.

Triggering & More

Designed specifically for power analysis and fault injection, ChipWhisperer-Husky has a huge range of triggering mechanisms. These mechanisms run "on the hardware" in the FPGA and allow you to trigger on things like level/edge, analog waveform, UART bytes, edge count, arm trace. The fully open-source FPGA supports extensive test benches so you can add new modules and features.


Clock Generation Range
Sample Buffer Size
>80 000 samples
ADC Specifications
12-bit 200 MS/s, 20MS/s streaming
Phase Adjustment
Analog Input
AC-Coupled Differential, adjustable -6.5dB to 55dB low noise gain
ADC Decimation
Clock Output
Regular, with glitch inserted, glitch only
ADC Offset Adjustment
Yes [0, 2^32)
ADC Trigger
Rising-edge, Falling-edge, High, Low
Trigger Sources
Basic, Analog Pattern, Analog Threshold, UART, Edge Count, Arm Trace
Capture Streaming
Yes (>20MS/s max)
ADC Sample Clock Source
PLL Generated (Integer Multiple of Int/Ext Clock)
Analog Trigger
Sum of Absolute Difference (32 Samples), Analog Level

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