CW305 Artix FPGA Target


$800 - $3000 US

The CW305 is NewAE Technology's first FPGA target board. It brings loads of features including a simplified USB interface for talking to the FPGA, an external PLL for adjusting frequency response, a programmable VCC-INT supply, and diode protection for use in fault injection environments. Also available with a special BGA socket, giving you the ability to perform tests on multiple FPGA devices - perfect for checking Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) under the exact same environmental conditions across multiple FPGAs.


This board requires an external oscilloscope or capture box for performing the power measurement. If you are looking for a complete toolchain, purchase the CW305 along with the ChipWhisperer 2-Part version. This will provide you with a complete toolchain for experimentation on FPGA targets.


  • Custom USB interface provides address/data bus for FPGA, including data transfer and configuration.

  • Example AES hardware implementation demonstrates data transfer.

  • Arm DesignStart for FPGA with Cortex-M1 or Cortex-M3 can be run on this board.

  • 3-channel PLL generates 5-160 MHz with frequency configurable over USB.

  • VCC-INT supply which can be programmed over the range of 0.8V-1.10V via USB.

  • VCC-INT shunt resistor, with 20dB LNA to amplify signal.

  • VCC-INT direct connection for voltage fault injection.

  • ChipWhisperer 20-pin connector to simplify usage with ChipWhisperer capture, for both side-channel power analysis and clock glitching.

  • Mounting holes for XY table mounting.


ChipWhisperer Integration

The NAE-CW305 can be used with regular oscilloscopes, or can be integrated into a ChipWhisperer environment. The ChipWhisperer integration makes it easy to perform clock or voltage glitching, along with side-channel power analysis.

Connects to Existing Equipment

Connect the CW305 to existing equipment such as power supplies and oscilloscopes to easily work with your existing test lab setup.

You can run the Arm DesignStart for FPGA based on Xilinx Artix-7 on this board. This lets you run a standard Cortex-M1 or Cortex-M3 core on this Artix board. Requires JTAG adapter (sold separately) and Arm JTAG such as Segger J-Link.

Arm DesignStart M1/M3



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