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Win a Hardware Hacking Kit!

Luna uses Hardware Hacking Handbook as a pillow
@DPAdogs approve the handbook as pillow.

To celebrate the long-awaited launch of The Hardware Hacking Handbook Breaking Embedded Security with Hardware Attacks by Colin O'Flynn and Jasper van Woudenberg, we are giving away Hardware Hacking Kits (QTY: 5)! We will be announcing an even bigger and better Grand Prize Giveaway through our Newsletter in the coming weeks.

"The Hardware Hacking Handbook takes you deep inside different types of embedded systems, revealing the designs, components, security limits, and reverse-engineering challenges you need to know for executing effective hardware attacks."

"Written with wit and infused with hands-on lab experiments, this handbook puts you in the role of an attacker interested in breaking security to do good."

Each Winner Receives:

A ChipWhisperer-Nano (NAE-CW1101)

An LPC1114 Development Board

One entry per person. Winners will be notified by email. The contest closes on December 5, 2021.

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