We are dedicated to creating cost-effective products that can be used by academics or professionals alike. To maintain a low cost, our products do not come with personalized application-specific support, such as questions about working with new algorithms or devices.

We do address the questions posted on the NewAE Forums, where members of NewAE monitor and will answer questions.

The ChipWhisperer-Nano and ChipWhisperer-Lite support is served exclusively via the Forums, except for warranty issues. 

ChipWhisperer-Pro customers are provided with a support contact, where assistance with installation and similar issues are provided.

Support Resources

The NewAE Forums serve as our primary support method for NewAE hardware and software.

The NewAE Wiki serves primarily as a link for hardware documentation, along with various tutorials that are not part of the Jupyter resources.

The ChipWhisperer github can be used to track issues related to the ChipWhisperer software.

The ChipWhisperer software documentation is built from the Python source. See the following link for a built version:

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