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NewAE News: Halloween Trick or Treat, Training Reminders, Automotive Teardowns and More

Trick or Treat

While we can't offer you candy for a trick or treat, how about something better? We've released the firmware for the ChipWhisperer-Nano along with a full schematic in the ChipWhisperer repository. What does this mean? Now you can customize features like adding a specific interface to the CW-Nano, rebuild firmware to change sample size, and more. It also has some handy reference designs, like how we get accurate delay timing on the Arm processor for glitch timing.

PhyWhisperer-USB Production Ongoing

Our PhyWhisperer-USB production is ongoing now. If you missed the newsletter from the summer, this is our fully open source (hardware, software, FPGA) USB trigger device with sniffing capability for HS 2.0 USB. This even can interface to the open-source ViewSB to form handy a USB sniffer:

If you were part of the Crowd-Supply campaign, you'll hopefully be getting a unit in December as planned. Otherwise it will shortly be available on Mouser & our webstore.

More Target Boards Coming Soon

You might have noticed the open-source target board repository includes several boards that we don't yet offer on our webstore or Mouser. We've been adding the software (HAL) support for them, and will hopefully be releasing those shortly. If you can't wait - the PCB files are in the repo, and HAL support is in beta now. Most recently this includes the PSoC 62 device, and a RISC-V based FE310-G002 board:

December Training Event Last Call

Would you like to take a 4-day course with Colin O'Flynn on fault injection & side-channel power analysis? We're running a public training Dec 2 - 5 in Redwood City, CA. Like previous events, this is co-located with some other great training and will feature invited talks during the lunch breaks to bring you a full unconference experience

In this training you'll get a ChipWhipserer starter kit (NAE-SCAPACK-L1)  that you keep, letting you perform power analysis and fault injection. Using this kit you will:

Bypass fuse bits on a microcontroller using fault injection.Recover AES keys using side-channel analysis.Break a password using side-channel analysis.Break RSA using fault injection.Bypass a security check using fault injection.Perform TVLA validation of a hardware AES engine.Associate power traces with input/output data.

In addition to the hands-on labs breaking things with ChipWhisperer, you'll learn about:

Software countermeasures for fault injection attacks, and how to check their effectiveness.How EMFI attacks work.Triggering on features in a power trace.Triggering on USB traffic.How to extend the ChipWhisperer system to interface to your own devices.

Register with code newaenews to get 10% off, on top of the early-registration discount that is still active until November 1st! See to register.

Automotive ECU Teardowns

We often get people interested in what hardware hacking looks like on "real" products. Colin is working through a few examples on a recent automotive ECU - starting with a black-box teardown. You can check out Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

Twitter QA

Our QA managers now have their own twitter account! If you'd like more dog photos in your life, follow @DPADogs . With that we leave you to have a spooktakular halloween!

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