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Colin O'Flynn presents at escar Europe 2020

The World's Leading Automotive Cyber Security Conference will be taking place virtually from November 10-12, 2020 with an interactive online mobile/web application to foster active participation among attendees.

"Modern cars have become complex digital devices and automotive Cyber Security is one of the most important issues. Therefore, the overall goal and objective of escar is to provide a forum for collaboration among private industry, academia, and government regarding modern in-vehicle Cyber Security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation/countermeasures." - escar Europe 2020

Our very own Colin O’Flynn will be presenting a lecture on the use of ChipSHOUTER’s EMFI tool to bypass security on modern automotive ECUs. Catch Colin on November 11 and review the conference program here.

Electromagnetic Fault Injection (EMFI) is a well-known technique for performing fault injection attacks. While such attacks may be easy demonstrated in a laboratory condition, the applicability of them to real-life environments is required to understand how concerned about EMFI designers of systems should be. This work targets a recent (2019) automotive ECU, and analyzes the target microcontroller used in laboratory conditions, and then transitions the attack to a real-world “in-situ” attack.

The specific work appears relevant to several devices in the MPC55xx and MPC56xx series, which are automotive-focused PowerPC devices.

We would love to (virtually) see you at the event!

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