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Since 2001 I've used NewAE.com as my personal domain. I've decided to instead move my personal content (blog, various wiki articles, etc) to ColinOFlynn.com. Any old links to NewAE.com will work by simply replacing 'newae.com' with 'colinoflynn.com', as I've mirrored all (I think) the content.

In the mean-time there will be a redirection page to inform you that NewAE.com will contain mostly some products I'm involved with, and instead you should head to ColinOFlynn.com for the old content.
I'll now be writing a column coming out every two months in Circuit Cellar about FPGAs. The first issue is now available online with a subscription (www.gotomycc.com) & should also be getting physically to subscribers soon.

Part of this will see another site at http://programmablelogicinpractice.com/(external link) with 'extra information' alongside each issue. My first issue deals with using the Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA) tools available from most vendors.
A few blog posts & updates. The first was on making a Bed of Nails(external link) test bench, pictured above.

The second was a few Notes on setting up Java Cards(external link).

The site has also been upgraded to Tiki 10.1, so if anything is broken let me know. There's an improved commenting system now, so I have enabled them for now, will see if the spam builds up.

I'm also preparing for my talk at Blackhat EU - if you'll be there drop me a note! Will be posting an update/teaser for that soon.
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