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Wireless Networking

I've been involved with many facets of wireless design, especially around low-power wireless systems.

Software Stacks for Low-Power Nodes

You might be interested in my FlexibleIP (FIP) IPv6 Stack, see fip.

Sniffer & Tools for IEEE 802.15.4

I started the 15dot4-tools project, see 15dot4tools which provides a sniffer and some additional tools. Through this I've also been involved in keeping Wireshark updated with the latest software.

Security Work

More recently I turned to looking at security on low-power devices, see Security. You might be interested in listening to my presentation on the topic at BrainShark(external link), you can see the paper on this site under Articles.

Turbo Coding Tutorial

I made a presentation detailing turbo coding, which is available at Turbo. This includes lots of MATLAB code for doing all sorts of 'stuff' with turbo coding.

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