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Security Research

I have been involved for some time with work into security, especially on low-power devices.

IEEE 802.15.4 Security Protocols

See Articles for my current published work on IEEE 802.15.4 security attacks.

Side-Channel Analysis

One of the standard boards used is the SASEBO board from AIST. I've been taking notes about making the best use of this board, see SASEBOGII.

Also see my open-source FPGA-Based AES Brute-Force Key Cracker.

My open-source OpenADC board can be used for cheap Side-Channel Analysis, which was the topic of a poster at CHES2012. This is described in more detail on the OpenADC SCA Page(external link) and the Cheap SCA Target page.

Conferences of Interest

An excellent list is held at http://www.uclouvain.be/crypto/callforpapers/forthcoming(external link)

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