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Some Notes on using FPGAs

A collection of various information I find useful.

Development Boards

Currently one of my favorite boards for work is the Avnet Spartan 6 LX9 board. For what you get it's insanely low-cost ($90). It includes a whole setup for working with the Microblaze core including a SDK license. It also includes a ChipScope license, see my blog post(external link) on the subject for some details.

For doing SDR work I had made my own development board, see ProjectMouldyRF.

Programming Tools

I've collected some information about using an FTDI FT2232D device as a programmer on Using JTAG over USB.

I also have described how to program CPLDs (or FPGAs) using SVF files, and automated the creation of such files along with the programming. See SVF Player over USB

Xilinx HLS (High Level Synthesis)

See my XilinxHLS Page

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